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The Young Book Package

When I began my Wedding Photography business I wanted to work with the best printers to showcase my photographs which, in turn, would provide my clients with a 'special' product.

I appreciate couples are paying a lot of money for their wedding photographs and they are entitled to the best quality possible. With this in mind I approached Graphistudio and was fortunate to be accepted as one of their photographers with access to their complete range of professional products.

I have been working in partnership with Graphistudio now for over 6 years and have been delighted with the exceptional quality of their Photobooks. They are without doubt the professional market leaders when it comes to quality photobooks.

In 2015 Graphistudio got very excited about a new photobook that they were releasing onto the market called 'The Young Book' and when Graphistudio get excited about a new product then you have to sit up and take notice.

The Young Book is without doubt the best Photobook I have seen (and believe me I have seen a lot).  In fact the Young Book is so good that I have decided that as from 16th November 2015 this will be the only product that I will offer.  So let me try and explain what the Young Book package includes:

Graphistudio - The Young AlbumWith Crystal Glance Cover


  • The Young Book
  1. An Acrylic Cover - also known as 'Crystal Glance' (including the image of your choice)
  2. Top of the range 'Metallic Paper' with 'Satin Lamination' are included as standard with the Young Book (usually sold as an optional extra)
  3. 30cm x 20cm (12" x 8")
  4. 40 Pages (20 Double Pages)
  5. Thick Pages are included as standard with the Young Book (usually sold as an optional extra)
  • The Presentation Box
  1. The Presentation Box represents a key feature contributing to the success of the 'The Young Book' Package.
  2. The inside lid of the Presentation Box can include a picture of your choice.
  3. There are a host of materials and colours that can be used to personalise your Presentation Box.
  4. The 'Pull Out' ribbon can also be personalised to suit the colour your require.
  • Photography Services
  1. From Bride and Groom Preparation until 1st Dance​​
  • The Young Book Package also includes:
  1. 2nd Photographer
  2. An Unwatermarked Disc/s of all images taken and processed on the day. Normally in excess of 700 images
  3. Use of my website to display a selection of your wedding images. Normally in excess of 300
  4. All consultations
  • The Price
  1. All of the above is included in an all inclusive price of £1,250
  2. If you feel that you don't need our second photographer then the price is £1,100