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There are no secrets to being a successful wedding photographer. You need to be able to take good photographs and present them in way that keeps your intended audience wanting to view them over and over again. Both elements are as important as eachother.
So when I began Ray Lockyer Photography my main concern was to find a partner that could match my passion for photography and provide me with the quality of presentation that would compliment my photography. I aimed high and approached Graphistudio - an Italian company and one of the leading photobook providers in the world. Their standards are high and they are very demanding of the quality of photographers they allow to use their beautiful books. 
My preference for photobooks is simple - not only do they look stunning but you, your children and their children will always be able to view them. There is no new technology acting as a barrier denying you access to your most treasured possessions. I draw a parallel here with the music industry.  During my lifetime the music industry has embraced many different new technologies - vinyl, cassette tapes, CDs and now MP3 - I even have those big spools of tape that we used to play on reel to reel players - I still have those tapes but the reel to reel player disappeared years ago - I will probably never hear again what was recorded on those spools of tape. Photography is not that dissimilar - we are now hoarding thousands if not millions of images on our current technology and it won't be long before this technology is as redundant as the reel to reel player and then how are you going to view those precious images.  
This is what Graphistudio has to say about itself:
  • With more than 54.000 clients in 128 Countries we are the world leaders in the professionals market.
  • We cooperate with the most important associations of professional photographers: WPPI, PPA, MPA, SWPP, RPS, GNPP.
  • Graphistudio books are ideal to suit every photography market: from weddings to corporate, from portraits to art books.
  • All our books are completely hand made in Italy, in our facility located in Arba (PN).
  • Working with Graphistudio is a guarantee of quality and state-of-the-art technologies.
  • We offer the widest range of cover options on the market, with exclusive materials and a rich variety of colours that allows endless combinations.
  • The book can be produced in 20 different formats, among vertical, landscape or square options.
  • Your projects can be printed on 5 different types of paper, from the photographic to the textured. Each paper is also available with glossy or satin lamination.
  • A full design service, with professional post-production, is available on request.
  • The extraordinary selection of Graphistudio books ranges from the majestic 40x50 cm to the delicious 4x5 cm pocket books.
Need I say more?
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