Ray Lockyer Photography | Ed & Katie
Date of Wedding: 27th August 2012
Marriage Location: The Berkley Barn, Berkley Heath
Reception: The Berkley Barn, Berkley Heath

Ed and Katie invited 60 guests to their wedding which was held in the Berkley Barn at Berkley Heath in the beautiful county of Gloucestershire.

Dress code for this wedding was traditional and for the colour scheme the couple chose pinks for the bridal party and blue for the groomsmen.

Katie had 2 bridesmaids - Laura ( Katie's daughter) and Rachel (Maid of Honour) who is Katie's long term friend.

Ed was supported by his Best Man and long term friend and his Usher, Tom (Katie's son). Both did a great job of helping Ed through a wonderful day of emotional highs.

I am a personal friend of Ed and have known him for a long time and so I was not surprised at all when Ed and Katie provided us with a wedding that was unique and had their personalities stamped all over it. I suppose the only surprise was that Ed didn't come up the aisle on his motorbike - still I suppose those stairs may have been a little tricky.

Guys it was a fabulous day - thank you for the invite and the opportunity to capture your wedding images - boy did it rain but it didn't spoil a single second of this very special day.
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