Ray Lockyer Photography | Leigh & Danielle
Date of Wedding: 16th January 2012
Marriage Location: Cricket St Thomas, Chard, Somerset
Reception: Cricket St Thomas, Chard, Somerset

What can I say about Danielle and Leigh's wedding. it took place at the beautiful Warner Hotel at Cricket St Thomas near Chard, Somerset. The truth is what ever I say will not do this wedding justice. It was without doubt the most fascinating and incredible wedding I have ever had the pleasure of photographing.

Danielle and Leigh invited 300 guests to their wedding and a further 200 guests to their reception.

The dress code for the wedding was formal and the ladies frocks and hats would have knocked Ascots Ladies Day into a cocked hat. Men, women and children alike all looked fabulous.

Danielle had 17 bridesmaids (including her two sisters) - 9 big ones and 8 little ones - just look at the pictures the little ones just look divine. Leigh's groomsmen totalled 14 in all, including his brothers as best men and two page boys.

Danielle dealt effortlessly with all the practical problems that the day threw up, like how to fit 300 guests into a church that only held 100 and many more.

The Wurzels during the afternoon were fabulous but my enduring memory of the day was the evening. The Chipperfields and Danters are huge in the world of fairgrounds and are of course the original showmen. The evening was something to behold - a truly spectacular event which defined how showman do weddings - it was definitely show time - it was fabulous - captivating and demanded a certain amount of discipline on my part to concentrate on my role in this fabulous extravaganza.

Thanks Danielle and Leigh - hope you enjoy the photographs.
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