Date of Reaffirmation: 24th August 2013
Reaffirmation Location: West Coker Commemoration Hall, West Coker, Yeovil, Somerset
Reception: West Coker Commemoration Hall, West Coker, Yeovil, Somerset

Ron and Nic invited approximately 80 guests to their Reaffirmation Service and Celebration. At least two of their guest had travelled all the way from Ohio, USA and if I understood correctly these guests were also present 15 years ago when Ron and Nic were originally married.

Dress code chosen for the day was traditional and the couple chose a deep red for their colour theme.

Nic had 3 bridesmaids and what a treat they looked. Hannah, a long time friend, was the Chief Bridesmaid and Maid of Honour, Layla (Nic & Ron's daughter) and Jenny (Nic & Ron's Niece) were the two younger bridesmaids who looked beautiful in their red dresses with black polka dots and white boleros. All three bridesmaids looked fabulous and provided Nic with wonderful support all day - and the two little ones could not have behaved better.

Nic herself was dressed in a beautiful knee length white dress with red edging and a corseted waist - she looked stunning.

Ron chose his friend Tim as his Best Man who did a fantastic job during the day ushering guests and making sure that Nic and Ron's day was the fabulous event that they had planned.

Ron chose a traditional three piece grey suit with blue tie and a red buttonhole.

The bridal party looked magnificent...

We started the day at The Lanes Hotel, West Coker, where the couple had spent the night. Lanes is a beautiful venue and provided us with many beautiful backdrops for our 'special' photographs.

From Lanes we moved onto the West Coker Commemoration Hall where the Reaffirmation Service and a host of celebration activities were to take place.

The hall had been prepared to a incredible standard - hand made bunting and cloth 'paper chains' - goodie bags for the kiddies and favours for the adults - Nic you could not have done any more to make that Hall look perfect. This is not to say that Ron didn't do his fair share because I know he did - together you managed to achieve everything that you wanted and everyone appreciated what you had done and thoroughly enjoyed the day.

The Reaffirmation Service was itself very moving and I don't believe there was a dry eye in the house - I particularly enjoyed the choir at the end of the service. Credit also has to be paid to the Registrars who played a major part in providing the Service that Ron and Nic required.

After the Reaffirmation Service all were treated to a Reaffirmation Breakfast and I have to thank Nic & Ron for allowing us to partake of the buffet - this was very much appreciated.

The weather just about behaved itself during the day and during early evening we even saw blue sky - bliss.

The many kiddies invited to the celebration were treated to a Magician later on in the afternoon and judging from the laughter coming from the room I am assuming they had a great time.

The speeches as expected were brilliant and again very moving with Tim the Best Man providing the humour.

I nearly always enjoy my weddings or reaffirmations but I have to say this was a special day for a special couple - thank you for letting me share in it.
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