Date of Wedding: 30th November 2013
Marriage Location: St Mary Magdalene Church, Barwick, Somerset
Reception: Haselbury Mill, Haselbury Plucknett, Nr. Crewekerne, Somerset

Andy and Anna invited approximately 50 guests to witness their marriage at St.Mary Magdalene Church, Barwick. The church was beautifully presented with a selection of white flowers.

The Dress code for this wedding was traditional and the couple chose blue for their colour theme.

Anna had 2 bridesmaids and a bridesman who were great fun and cared well for their bride throughout the day.

The bridesmaids were dressed in blue full length strapless dresses and were made up of Lauren (Anna's friend) and Jade (Anna's friend).

Anna's Bridesman was dressed the same as the rest of the Groomsmen which was traditional grey morning suits, white waistcoats with blue accessories.

Anna herself looked stunning in her dress.

Andy chose his close friend Tom as his Best Man and his Usher was Col another close friend.
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